HYROX for Health

What is HYROX for Health?
HYROX for Health is a programme package designed to help those who need more support getting started on their fitness journey.
Do you want to improve your CONFIDENCE to take on LIFE?
Do you want to improve your HEALTH and FITNESS?
Do you want to LOSE WEIGHT doing something fun?
Do you want a supportive COMMUNITY there with you?
Why join HYROX for Health?
  • 12-week programme to complete at home, written specifically for those new to exercise
  • Access to specialist exercise practitioners if you require additional support due to health conditions
  • An equipment package from our partners Wolverson Fitness
  • A nutrition pack to help you understand how you can develop healthier habits to improve your health and wellbeing
  • Support from our experienced FiiT for Life staff
  • Access to an online community
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